• Danya Williams

31-Day Mental Health Challenge

2020 is a new year. The only way you can make sure you have a more successful year than you did last year is to work on yourself. We allow things, habits and people to follow us into the new year, keeping us in the same space. If you want to escape what you went through last year and accomplish more this year, then challenge yourself for the first 31 days of 2020!

Day 1 - Clean out your phone

Delete contacts in your phone of people you no longer / shouldn't associate yourself with, block them if needed. Remember! Blocking someone doesn't mean they've won, it means that they are no longer allowed access to the rest of your life. That means delete the messages / threads.

Day 2 - Cancel any memberships that you no longer use.

Get rid of ANY memberships / subscriptions that are costing you money, that you don't use. If you have a membership for the gym, but haven't been in over 6 months. Cancel it! You do not need it. 

Day 3 - Clean out & organize your emails

We all have hundreds of unread emails. Take the time to go through your emails & see what needs to be unsubscribed. Take the time to separate what needs to be considered spam. What I found easiest to delete over 40k emails was to take large quantities & archive them. So that way I made sure nothing important was permanently deleted, but was able to clear my inbox at the same time.

Day 4 - Clean your space

Clean your home / bedroom / workspace / car. The more organized your space is, the more organized your life will become.

Day 5 - Create a financial goal

Come up with a specific amount that you would like to save for 2020 and then write it down.

Calculate your monthly expenses. Calculate your salary and any extra money you can earn on the side. Write down ways to save money & cut back on meaningless spending.

Day 6 - List your goals

Write down at least 5 goals you would want to accomplish this year. It could be getting promoted, moving to a new city or even turning your side hustle into your career.

Day 7 - Take your goal(s) list and elaborate

Write down the date you would like to accomplish your goals and the steps you will take to accomplish them. Be very detailed! Write out if they are long-term / short-term goals, give yourself a date of when you would like to accomplish them and etc. The more detailed your steps are the more likely you will achieve them.

Day - 8 Gratitude

Write down at least 5 things that you're grateful for, it can include people or things. On the days you feel low go back and look at this list.

Day 9 - That one thing you've been putting off

If there's one thing you've been wanting to do, do it today. You want to start modeling, writing or even making candles start today. Even if you don't have the money to start, you can start the process. Want to start making candle? Start researching what type of candles you would like to make, the type of jars you would like to use and how much you would need to invest to get started.

Day 10 - Give Back

Giving back doesn't have to break your pockets. You can donate old clothes, pay for someone's meal or even just simply volunteering your time. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to stop and give back to others.

Day 11 - Self-Care

Write down what self care means to you. Write down the things that you enjoy doing and brings positivity into your life. Write down what drains you and brings negativity into your life. Write down the things you know you should be doing that will enhance your self care.

Day 12 - Mental health day 

Choose a day, can be any day you'd like and schedule it off from work. We all need a day to de-stress and regain our mental. Companies don't care about our well being, so that means we need to make sure we take the time to care. You can do what you please, go to the beach, schedule a spa day or even just sit and binge watch your favorite show on your couch. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it isn't anything work-related, this is your day.

Day 13 - Not today Devil

Today you're going to have a good day. You will remain positive. Do NOT allow anyone to put you in a negative space today. Laugh, pray and brush all negativity off of you today. They can present negativity to you another day, but today won't be the day.

Day 14 - Say something "Nice"

On a regular basis we can be hard on ourselves, we are our biggest critics. Instead of being negative towards yourself today, speak positively about yourself.

Day 15 - Self development day

Push yourself out of your comfort zone today. This can be anything, you can change your routine, try a new food or even purchase a piece of clothing you normally wouldn't wear.

Day 16 - Unfollow

Unfollow anyone on social media who doesn't inspire you. Someone you know you envy. Or an exes social media you still stalk from time to time, to see what they are doing.

Day 17 - Follow

Start following pages / people on social media who inspire you. Pages / people that provide information about a hobby or career you're interested in and etc.

Day 18 - Hydrate

Drink only water today, nothing else.

Day 19 - Write down something good that happened today

This can be anything, if the only thing good that happened was someone gave you a donut, then write it down.

Day 20 - Make a happy playlist

Sit down and make a music playlist that will put you in a good mood.

Day 21 - Feelings

Make a list of the way you want to feel this month. That can be happy, successful, creative or blessed. Narrow your list down to two feelings and brainstorm what you need to do to start feeling those feelings everyday.

Day 22 - Unplugged

Unplug from the world for an hour. Put your phone on DND and turn your television off. You can use this hour to read a book, meditate or take a bubble bath with relaxing music.

Day 23 - Appreciation

Tell someone that you're close with how much you appreciate them. You can call them, schedule to hang out or even send them a paragraph through text. Let at least one person know how much you appreciate them.

Day 24 - We all struggle

What do you struggle with when it comes to your mental health? What can you do to help and get more support? Sometimes support can be simple as talking to a close friend or relative about it. A lot of times we ignore or hide our mental health issues and if you don't feel comfortable talking to friends or family you can speak to a therapist.

Day 25 - Social Media Break

Break away from all social media for today. (7am-7pm)

Day 26 - Practice what you preach

A part of mental health is practicing what you preach. If you're always preaching that your boyfriend needs to start saving more money, but you haven't even saved a dime of your money. Today is the day to start practicing what you preach.

Day 27 - Self care routine

Create a self care routine. You will use this routine for your self care days.

Day 28 - Write a prayer

Write out a prayer. This can be about anything, this will be between you and God. Talk to him about whatever is on your mind, heart or soul. Ask questions. Pray for things you want changed in your life. Let it all hang out because God isn't here to judge. Once you've written it down. You can tear it up, burn it or simply keep it.

Day 29 - Podcast / Sermon / Compilation videos

Fuel your mind today by listening to a mental health podcast, a sermon or Youtube motivational compilation (which are my favorite), that is relatable to what you are currently going through.

Day 30 - No Sex / Sex 

Single. For my single people, if you haven't had sex in a while. Engage in sexual activities if you can. Sex is said to relieve stress, so relieve yourself.

Relationship. If you're in a relationship or marriage, refrain from having sex today with your partner. Choose to spend quality time with them, go to the movies, sit down and have a conversation. It's completely up to you.

If you're having sex make sure it's with someone deserving and not with someone who is messing with your mental health. If they are causing stress instead of relieving it then they don't deserve it.

Day 31 - No Gossiping

We all tend to gossip, some more than others. Today do not gossip. Gossip is negative and you don't need to include yourself into any negative energy. 

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