• Danya Williams


Living with pinned up anger, not knowing how to deal.

We don't talk about pain enough, the shit is real.

Not dealing with the things that bother us, we allow it to manifest inside.

Thinking that if we pretend it doesn't hurt, then that pain will subside.

Many of us was taught to get over it, let it go, you'll be alright.

Not realizing that hurt was going to follow us into adult life.

Now as adults that past anger is eating us alive.

Finding each and everyway to numb the pain to survive.

Another day in this cold world where nobody cares.

About your health or mental state because it's your problem not theirs.

Our mental health is eating us alive and we don't know what to do or where to go

Sometimes we can't even go to family members or our parents because they don't even know

How to cope with their own problems so now you'll follow behind them

Searching for an uhnhealthy defense mechanism

I've seen people lock themselves up and hide from society

Numb their pain away with drugs to get rid of anxiety

I've seen people drink their pain away until they passed out on the floor

Fight and physically harm people because they couldn't control their anger anymore

I'm here to tell you that doesn't have to be you.

You don't have to suffer in silence, screaming hoping someone hears you.

You can break down the chains and barriers placed on mental health.

We all need help, we can't do it by ourselves.

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