• Danya Williams

Stay In Your Lane

Stop chasing things that are not meant for you. We constantly chase things that are NOT meant for us. Things that do not fit us, and we try so hard to fit ourselves into something that isn't even our size. It is just like when people get mad because there isn't anymore smalls, but that's because someone who is a large purchased a small. They want to be small so bad, but that isn't their size. You can only wear what fits your body.

That is the same with your life, certain things fit and certain things don't. Learn to know what is meant for you and what is not. There are so many people who only chase certain things because it is a trend. We tend to gravitate towards certain careers because it looks fun, easier, pays more, or gets you more of a social media following. Honestly, you don't want that career because you are not truly passionate about it, every reason that you want it is for the wrong reason.

It is the same with people, we want certain people to like us and accept us so bad. We want that certain someone to be THE ONE so bad. We want them to match us, fit us, shape us and they don't. They never will because they are not meant for us. AND until you realize that you will continue to wear a size 8, when really you're a size 10.

I'm here to tell you to stop that shit. Stop forcing things that aren't for you to be meant for you. What is meant for you, you won't have to force it. It will fit naturally for you. You won't have to do any compromising, altering or adjustments when it is meant for you. We all can't be make up artists, rappers, youtubers, actors, models, etc. We want all those things because they are glamorous.

Yes, they are glamorous, but those aren't the only things that will make you successful, those aren't the only good paying jobs. Nobody wants the "boring" jobs because you don't get to be in the "spotlight." Well here is a little fact for you, everyone can't handle the spotlight. Everyone can't handle criticism and opinions of other people, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So stay in your lane!

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