• Danya Williams

Stop Living A Life Of Limitations

When we were younger most of us dreamed all the time, some of us more than others. As a child, I would always daydream about how I wanted and expected my life to be when I got older. But of course, as we get older, reality sets in and we realize that we do not have the time to sit around and daydream about the types of lives we wish we had. We are then aware that life will never be the way we dreamed, so that stops some of us from dreaming altogether.

I am here to tell you to start back dreaming and dream big. Dream about the type of life you want to have and more. Change begins with dreaming. Imagining yourself in the moment of accomplishing your dreams. If you have ever seen the movie Precious starring Gabourey Sidibe, in the movie she constantly daydreamed. She pictured herself outside of her circumstances, which gave her strength to search for a better life than the one she was currently living. So do not allow your adult life and responsibilities to stop you from dreaming. If you are going to dream, then make sure you dream big!

Now when I say dream big, I do not mean dream about getting a good paying job and moving to another state. That's fine, but I need for you to dream bigger. Who said there was a limit on how big you can dream? Especially if you are including your dreams in your prayers, and asking God for guidance why limit yourself. God is God, he can make our wildest dreams come true, so ask for more. Dream about making and saving $10 million, dream about purchasing a house in full and not having to pay a mortgage. Dream that you achieve all of your goals and more. So pretty much what I am telling you is to get the hell out of your comfort zone and stop living a life with limitations.

Dream so big that it sounds outrageous when you say it out loud. If you are a dancer, dream that you can be a back-up dancer for Beyonce. If you are an artist dream that you can draw a portrait of your favorite celebrity and have them hang it in their home. If you are a writer, imagine writing a book that is the #1 bestseller, a book so damn good that they turn it into a movie. Things like that sound believable and do-able when someone else does it. But how do you think that became a reality? They dreamed it, they imagined it, they knew there was more to life than the life they were currently living. They had a passion and a dream and believed in it. It may not have been the same exact event but the thing is they started somewhere.

Once you figure out what your dreams are make sure to write them down and not tell anyone. Just keep your dreams between you and God. Pray about your dreams. Once you have them written down start making points on what to do so that you can reach that dream.

Stop making excuses for why you can't chase your dreams. Excuses like: "I am too broke, I got bills to pay" Okay so! You were broke yesterday and you will be broke tomorrow whether you chase your dreams or not. "Well what if I don't have time?" Work your job and then in between work on your dreams. No one said that chasing your dreams wouldn't be time consuming, that you wouldn't have to sacrifice anything. "I have no one to support me", this is your dream, people can't see the vision that you have for yourself and you can't expect them to. Do you know how many people don't have support financially, mentally or emotionally? We are all lacking support in some areas or all areas. So go ahead take some time cry about not having any support and then get up and follow your dream.

All I'm saying is that we need more people to put their dreams into actions.

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