• Danya Williams

Dear Black Men

Dear Black Men,

This post is for you and only you! I want you to read this and know that for a fact I am talking directly to you. You are in fact appreciated, I appreciate black men so much. I am talking to the Black Men who do their part. The ones who don't disrespect us, the ones who don't cheat and hurt us.

I understand how difficult it is to be a Black Man in this country. Constantly fighting to stay alive and to keep your head above water, pushing yourself to become a better man than you were the day before. Society doesn't allow you to cry, society doesn't allow you to hurt and show your pain. We know this. It is our job as Black Women to protect you from the outside during the times you need to show your pain.

If we as Black Women do not protect and look over you...who will? No other race can love and understand you like us. Yes, they can be there for you, but they cannot protect you like us. They will not meet all of your needs like we can. I am not against people dating outside of their race, I am all for it if that's what you want to do. All I am saying is that the other race can feed you their love, but you will never be fully satisfied.

Many of you grew up without a father figure in your home, and I truly apologize. So because of that you never really were taught how to be a man. To become the man that you are supposed to be, you do not need him. Yes, you may make mistakes along the way, possibly even fail sometimes, but that is okay. Us Black Women will be there to catch you and pick you back up when you do. Keep messing up until you get it right. No one said being a good man was going to be easy.

I promise if you do right by a Black Woman she will not allow you to stay down. She will give you the time that you need, then she will tell you to get up, get yourself together and push you forward. Yes, we may have a reputation for yelling and having an attitude, but it is only because we have been through as much as you, we just express it differently.

We need you to continue breaking the stigma that there is on Black Men today. We as Black Women try not to believe that all Black Men are similar. So please keep fighting to be the best Black Man that you can, so that you can continue giving us hope. Keep pushing for the Black Women who have been lied to, betrayed and cheated on, but are still holding on to the last bit of hope that they have left. Hoping that a Black Man comes along and proves her wrong, instead of right this time.

Change starts with you. You are just as important as the Black Woman. You make us stronger and complement us in so many ways that you wouldn't even believe. You are beautiful, smart, loving, strong, magical and you come in so many different shades of brown.

Ever since you were born into this country you had a target on your back. Marked with a stigma that you wouldn't make it past your 20's or end up in jail. We shouldn't allow that to happen. We will not allow that to happen. You just need to start listening to us because we have your best interest at heart.


A Black Woman

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