• Danya Williams

Don't Deal With A Man In A Relationship

Don't deal with a man in a relationship.

That sounds like common courtesy right? You will be astounded how many females don't care. They will date your man and that woman's man over there too. If you are one of those females that date men who are in a relationship here's a word of advice..'he may pay attention to you, but you don't have to pay attention to him.'

Too many females are dating a guy that they know is in a relationship, but that doesn't mean you have to be one of them. There are several reasons why females choose to date a man in a relationship. They are usually lazy or tired of searching/waiting for the right man. They need attention and an ego boost to make them feel good telling another female her man wants them. They could just enjoy being messy, either way it is wrong. There is nothing cute about dating a man that is in a relationship. It shows that you do not have respect for other women, and you definitely do not have respect for yourself. The fact that you don't respect yourself, shows that your standards for yourself are very low.

I know we all have been there when a guy hurt you. Played you. Made broken promises. Told you he wanted you, but really didn't. Just made you look stupid and feel stupid. Told you he was different than those other guys, but really wasn’t. We all have experienced some of this or all of this. So you know exactly how that made you feel. You know you questioned everything between you and him for days. Probably went to sleep thinking about him and woke up thinking

about him. He made you cry and made you question your worth. Made you wonder why you weren't good enough.

So why would you want to sit and entertain a man, who you know is playing another female. Including your dumb ass! We as females have to do better. We need to stop the "I'm coming to you as a woman," bullshit. No what you need to start doing is stop entertaining that nigga. Cut him off completely and give him the same side eye you give these females you claim you cannot stand. Which are probably the same exact females you got into it with over some nigga. We as females need to become stronger.

I could never sit up and entertain a nigga knowing that he has a girl. Only to know that she is home probably analyzing everything, feeling the same exact way you felt before. You know exactly what is going through her mind. You know exactly what he is probably saying to her, to manipulate her into thinking she is the only one. So to help her get some sort of peace of mind, stop entertaining her nigga. Then he has no choice but to make her the only one, or finally just move on. Now, I am not saying that the woman who continues to stay in a relationship with the guy who cheats is the best choice, because it is not. But I am not talking about her right now, I am talking about you. The person who can avoid this entire situation of catching feelings for a guy who you can blatantly see does not have respect for women.

I turned down guys with girlfriends endless number of times. Sometimes you even have to walk away from the men who claim their ex is "crazy" or they are "not still fucking" their baby mama. Yet, those same females they tell you to not worry about and how they don't even "fuck with" like that anymore, be the same females blowing their phone up. SAME females calling your phone at 6 a.m., wondering who you are and wondering where their man is. SAME females who like your comments under her mans picture on IG. She isn't crazy, that nigga still whispering in her ear making her feel like she is still special in his eyes.

I don't want a man who has a girlfriend and then entertains the next female.You shouldn't either. I don't have time to keep looking over my shoulder, checking on him wondering what he is doing. I want to feel secure and feel good about trusting my man. I deserve more from a man, and I would hope you would feel the exact same way. Dealing with a man like that you will not be exempt from the same thing happening to you, that is happening to her. So save your feelings and self respect and leave that man alone.

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