• Danya Williams

Prepare For What You Deserve PT. 1

There are many people who pray to God everyday asking for things that they really want in their life. Some people ask God for their purpose, for a wife or husband or even just a better life. Sometimes when we pray for the things that we want in life it seems like God does not hear us. The thing is God does hear us. He knows what we want and he knows what we need. The thing is are you prepared to receive what you deserve? Have you ever sat down for a minute and thought about all the things you have prayed for and if you are actually ready to receive them? God is not ignoring you, he is simply waiting for the right time to send you your prayer.

People are constantly waiting for God to deliver them what they feel they "deserve." I hear people repeatedly say "I'll be glad when God tells me my purpose," the thing is your asking God for your purpose, but are you ready for your purpose? If God was to come knock on your door today (Knock Knock) and give you your purpose would you be ready? You cannot be ready to receive something that you have not prepared for. Some people tend to not understand, you cannot have something that you have not prepared for.

People always want what they are not ready for, in order to receive you have to make space for whatever it is that you want to receive. If you want good vibes or positivity in your life....guess what you have to do. You have to get rid of the negativity, you cannot want positive things and still have negative things in your life. If you no longer want to be surrounded by negative people then you have to get rid of them and start pulling positive people towards you.

See let me break this down for you. A man cannot pray and ask God to deliver him a wife if his house is NOT in order. You cannot ask God to deliver you a wife when you are constantly entertaining the wrong type of women. You cannot be sleeping with Becky every weekend when you come home from the club. Playing mind games with Serena telling her you are going to marry her when you know you do not have intentions of doing so. You are crowding the space that you are supposed to have opened for your wife. You asked God for a wife, but if she was to simply arrive you would miss out on her because you were not prepared.

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